13 April 2008

My 18th Birthday's what to do

In the previous post, I'd mention that I will point out what i will do freely when I am ready to be a 'not a kid anymore'. 18 years old means we are mature enough? Actually I think thoroughly, well the answer is yes. Why, because we are mature to make our own decision. But there are many resistance yet to be overcome by ourself, like parents decision on our things.

Well, I would not talk about that. I just want to target my dreaming and skyrocketing targets and some are nonsense but I am sure everyone like that!

You can vote too!(see NEARLY BOTTOM of this post!!) Thanks ya! ^^
I've listed 14 things, and
The list starts here:
1. I can go to pub and bars! hoping too see many lenglui there, kaka...but wait, see #2

2. I can drink alcohol LEGALLY. Carlsberg, XO, Whiskey are waiting for me... Hmm, I never drink alcoholic drinks before, Maybe i want to try...(I am not a gentleman? Before 18, actually I just drink Shandy which contains 1% alcohol) Consume Shandy before 18 is illegal? Next, the letter starts with C, let see below.

3. Cigarettes. But for me, just dreaming to smoke still OK. I will not smoke. It is bad for our health! Everyone knows that.

Next, number 4 is-->

4. I like buy things with plastic money. So, I will register a credit carddebit card from local bank. This will make me easier when I want to buy something online. Errr, can i use the card when to pay the pros? I am sure the professional pros will bring along their telephone cable with the card machine to hotel(Yeah, staying in hotel need a card too apart from paper money). My dream car are Bugatti Veyron, Honda Civic Mugen(yeah, this is better for road in Malaysia :P)

5. As I've mentioned above, to pay something worth for our money, and for our relaxation. Visiting bitches is really fun and producing some juices instead of just hearing da sound is worth more than watch porno videos[SAFE]. Their beautiful curve will make sure out hero standing high is an easy job. (But I am a good person, but I can't assure that I will not patronize with them.)
[LOL, what the fart am i saying-weird English, when dealing with s-e-x, my head become blur and start thinking narrow]

6. Tiger Show in Thailand. Nowadays there are less people go to Golok already because of safety reason.

In Thailand, a special sex show involving a number of acrobatic displays. Examples of what to expect at a tiger show are, women shooting darts out of their pussies, women shooting ping pong balls out of their pussies, and women women opening beer bottles with their pussies. Fun is had by all, and generally each man in attendance finishes his night with a private performance from one of the entertainers.[credit to Urban Dictionary]

7. Want a GF. I need not consent from parents and both parents' agreements. I am working hard to search for my dream girl. Yup, wish me good luck o!

8. Apart from getting a GF. Want to marry my lover too!

9. After 18, this mean I am no more a child. I need to go out to further my study, living in a new situation, no more parents' babbling, no more enjoying time in study like Secondary School. I must think wise to select which path will me go, the grassy road or the broadening highway, or just stop and let wind blow us away? So, many important decision

10. Use my brain to think deeply, wisely, properly and twice time.(This does not mean I never use my brain at once when i am a children. Just to note that everything I've done, I must responsible to it. Eg. Killing people will sentence to court(will have a chance to say hello to Judge)and jailing. -or-[If make sex with gf and she is getting pregnant I must not to leave her alone or persuade her to abort] Agree with this?

11. Buy lottery, got a tiny chance to win. My lucky number is 8. So, I like to buy 4D or 3D+1D, 8888 or 3838. Yeah, good and bringing luck numbers.

12. get a tattoo. A dragon or mickey mouse or hello kitty?
Hey, see the tatto! don't think other things. The hello kitty tattoo is still nice rite? Don't care about the mountain...if u feel this make you angry or hate to me or unsuitable, feel free to comment me to remove this pic.

13. Renew Identification Card. Do a passport as well. Yeah, can travel with my lover one day.

14. Become a member of Tesco ClubCard. & Wait 3 more years to vote in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

smoking and tattoo are v bad and tiger club is totaly disgusting haha!!

Ian said...

well, i agree with you too! i dont like to smoke...
well, tiger club-i never go to tiger club, if have a chance, maybe i want to go to make my FIRST visit...

640-460 exam said...

congrats you crossed 18 years limits so now you can do lot of things.But must remember your values and you tradition.Do not follow the things blindly.