12 April 2008

My birthday countdown!

2 more days is my birthday. Usually, I do not organize my birthday party or invite friends to hang out for breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner or supper. I use to celebrate my birthday in the simplest way but very meaningful.

Because of this year birthday is my 18th birthday, it means

I am no more a kids. According to Malaysia Government 6-year-old to 17-year-old person who study in Malaysia is called children. WTF??! a Children?? a small little kid?? So, when I am 18, I set my own 18 target to face my 18 years old. The next post of mine will contains at least 18 targets on what to do, how to face that and that, tit bits of the world!

1 comment:

1Y0-259 said...

It means you crossed 18 years of life.It means you are no more child but independent life is also not an easy life.So now you are responsible of your all decisions.best wishes for your future.