01 April 2008

My JPA 2008 interview today

To make long story short...
i arrived 8.30.
I have to wait until 10.00am.
The lady check all of my documents and certs.
I was given a number, that is number 2. This mean i am the second person to make my introduction.
11.30am, i was called with 3 other girl into a room.
there are 2 interviewers, 1 is for checking our documents while another conduct the whole interview.
First, we are allowed to give a short introduction for 1 minutes(longer will result in mark deduction)-according to the interviewer.
Secondly, we(4persons) are separated into 2 groups, where each group consists of 2 members.
Then, each group was given a question, time for 5 minutes is allowed for member discussion.
Next, each person elaborate their own points.( i think each person just 4-5 minutes like that).
Finally, the interviewer give us a chance to add what we want to add.
12.00 Say "Bye Bye" to interviewers.

Group discussions topic:
1.Why is education important to you?
2.How to be a better/good Malaysian abroad?
3.Vision 2020/ What is Vision 2020 to you?/ What are the challenges in reaching Vision 2020?/ Bagaimanakah kursus yang anda pilih akan menyumbang kepada Visi 2020?
4.Apakah ciri-ciri yang perlu anda ada untuk memperolehi keputusan cemerlang?
5.Talk about Oil Prices.
6.Major achievements of Malaysia in the past 50 years.
7.What film you like most and why?
8.Dewan Rakyat.
9.Why do you want to study abroad and not in Malaysia?

*credits to Vaan

I think there are 2 different way conducting this interview:
First : All English, Introduction+answer one question.
Second : English and Bahasa Malaysia+answer one(maybe the same question) question but in two languages.

Must bring and put in properly in clear holder accordingly:
i) Kad Pengenalan Identification Card;
ii) Slip keputusan SPM 2007 SPM 2007 Result Paper;
iii) Surat Beranak calon Birth Cert;
iv) Surat Beranak ibu dan bapa Both Parents Birth Certs;
v) Sijil-sijil berhenti sekolah;
vi) Sijil-sijil kewarganegaraan ibu bapa (bagi yang berkaitan);
vii) Kad pesara / slip gaji ibu bapa;
viii) Sijil kegiatan kokurikulum bagi tingkatan 4 dan 5 sahaja Extra-curricular Certs form 4&5;
ix) Sijil Bahasa Asing (sekiranya ada) Foreigh Language Cert;
x) Borang pengesahan pendapatan keluarga Click here to download;
xi) Borang Pengesahan Kehadiran Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang
Doktor (bagi pelajar yang memohon bidang perubatan);

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