05 April 2008

a new electric 6 in 1 socket

Today, my mother bought a brand new 6 in 1 electrical appliances socket. This socket(fused) consists of three 3 pin 13 Ampere Plug Socket and three 2-pin plug socket.
Look at that! This thing costs RM 30.00(about US Dollars $9.68). I think it is quite expensive but my mother deny it.

Well, this is the 'nice' look of my plug sockets.
A point source to another three route with one route still connects to computer hardware appliances.

After 5 minutes cleaning and doing a 'man' job.
This is the result. :)
All plugs connect to one and only one 6 in 1 socket device.

For me, it looks tiny and better looking.
But i should consider the risk...

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