10 April 2008

Oh no! I've installed WGA!!!

I switch on my computer today, as usual to surf net. But today, there are some process running in the background. And i could not define what is happened. What i get is only i need to click many request from my firewall software, COMODO to install Windows Update components. Well, as i clicked many "accept". Then i realised that i've updated my computer last 2 days! How come there are update just after i started my computer. So i made a check, wtf! I've installed Windows Advantage Validation Tool from our big brother! Actually that tool i just left there since January. With every updates, I just unclicked the WGA and press Install.

But now, a big Congratulations to Mr Bill, you have successfully 'force' another victim to install your most greatest 'tool' in the world that can make you earn money money! So, you will have more money to buy Yahoo! But Yahoo is very strong in its foundation!

Now i scared that my computer will pop-up every 30 minutes asking me to purchase a genuine Windows Operating System.

I don't want this to happen to me!!! I don't want the most annoying pop-up in the world! But until now(the time i post this) there is no any message that shows my windows is not genuine. Hmm I am happy to know that my copy of windows is still genuine. Hahaha! Yes!


Anonymous said...

You're going to need to go look for some torrents like
Windows Genuine Advantage Validation or
Win XP activator
if you don't have a store bought copy of Windows...

Ian said...

ya, thank you!