12 April 2008

OneLife : Do something

Today, I went to KB Mall to visit an exhibition brought by World Vision. The exhibition really bring me a new experience to me to know more the suffering of the children in all part of the world. They are infected of HIV, suffer from AIDS and trafficking. Their life are cliff-hanging.

I went into the 'real life' of the children. However, My life is Jothi from three children. She live in India. Her parents are dead since her child age, and she stayed in her uncle's home. Her uncle always uneasy with her and always scolded her. Finally she got out to collect trash to sustain her life.

The fresco or mural on the wall of the exhibition.

The introduction of the One Life Revolution Exhibition.

I got a hand printed 'negetive sign' when i made a check. The negetive HIV person, its me! haha :)

Before leaving the "world" of the children, i wrote messages. I wrote in Chinese language hehe. For visitors who know Chinese language, comment little bit ar!

Do visit One Life Revolution's website here! 加油!add oil oo!

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