27 April 2008

Slow in morning, fast in noon-poor service!

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Today, my mother and I went to Klinik Kesihatan Kota Bharu or known as Hospital Pesakit Luar Kota Bharu. At 9.30 am, we arrived there. There are already a lot of people waiting for their number to be called to go to first floor for a doctor. I pressed two number(one for me and another for my mother as well). After 10 minutes, reach my number and i paid RM 2 and go upstair.

Then we go to first floor. When we arrived at first floor, what a shock!

The number was so so so far, current number was 0164 and my number was 0309! That time, i suggested my mother to left there first then come back. But my mother recommend that we should stay there to wait for the number. So what i need to do is just wait. To prove that I am not cheating, I've took photograph.

After waiting for 1 hour 30 minutes, the numbers rapidly increases! I don't cheat! Yet they still second time call and last time call for those who still didn't go to their doctor. But the number calls really fast like bullet train! haha :D
why? I think this is because they realised their lunch time is coming, 1.00pm. So must clear off the morning patients so their afternoon patient will not over flood the hospital caused they can't come out from the hospital.

Well, see my number is coming now...0307...two numbers more.

Yeah, after described all the symptoms to the doctor, I went to Pharmacy Unit to wait again. Well, after 15 minutes my number is called and i received the medicines as below.

I hope I will recover faster after eat those drug! I feel better now, yeah!

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