23 April 2008

Today is World Book Day! 世界书香日

happy world book dayFirst of all, I wish everyone a very happy and meaningful World Book Day!

What you have done today? I ask you! Well, for me, I do nothing today, just ...(no idea how to continue this post...) ha! just go to Accounting class in the morning and go back home and sleep.

Actually I like to read magazines, such as Time, Reader Digest, Top Gear, FengShuiWorld, and many tech mags. I touched FHM Magazine for once only in bookstore and the cashier looked on me(that time i have yet reach 18). Eventually FHM magazine just serves some sexy models as well as much more advertisement. I can see advertisements on each leaflet. Well there are no ads in the middle part where all are 'full screen' of beautiful models, displaying their sexy bikinis and smile and doing sexy post...(ehemm...wiuweet)

LOL, look like i talked about this too much. Maybe some of you feel sleepy and with a single click says bye bye to me, I will be sad (T.T). In this day, we can do many things to encourage people to read books. Actually adult books with horny pics and comics and some techniques on how to...(you know this, it doesn't matter for me not to say it out) are also considered as book right? So, it is not advisable to read those books. Why? I also don't know.

I started to read the historical of the World Book Day. It is started by UNESCO in 1995, click here to read more.

[FlashBack]I still remember last time when i in secondary school, i feel lazy to read text books and teachers are no-no to text books. They prefer hands-on or just write notes to blackboard and we as a student just copy down all the notes. My Physics teacher in Form 5 is my school's principal, he is a very dedicated teacher and a good principal. Congratulations to Mr Choo because he is now honoured as Pengetua Cemerlang(Excellent/Model Principal-from the translation to English from Bahasa). he used to use text books to teach in my class during his lesson. He always said text books is important because all the questions on government examination will derive from the text books and not reference books. But reference books is good too because it widen our knowledge and various examples ensure student can tackle on the question easily and make students understand more on the syllabus.

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