06 April 2008

Windows 7 at a glance



#1 illustration only.
#2 yup! Windows 7 Wallpaper*. You can get download link when reading this post. Feel boring to read?(okay...download here)

Microsoft few days ago indirectly announced that their new Operating System after Windows Vista is Windows 7(formerly known as Blackcomb and Vienna), to be launched 2009!

and I am yet ready to wait the another Windows Operating System from Microsoft.
This is because i still didn't use Windows Vista. I am just a geek using Windows XP on a 8 years old computer. Well, my computer has 460gb hard disk space, 512 ram memory, a new graphic card but with a poor processing unit, Just a Pentium 4 only.

I hope that Windows 7 is much stable from Windows Vista because Windows 7 is back boned and stripped from Vista.

So, I hope my own first lappy is based on Windows 7. And now what i need to do is just wait. Maybe i will buy a Windows 7 compatible(meet the requirements as well high performance hardwares) so that i can get cure of my boringness of waiting this new Windows.(yup! many computer geeks feel disappointed when Windows Vista delayed from 2006 to 2007)


I got excited because there are someone shoot the video and published it in youtube.
I can see clearly many times of the words of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Screenshots
I read some blogs on the net to know more news and the actual screenshot as well wallpapers from the net. And i could catch some of them:
This tech computer got 2 screenshots and the writer, Preston Galla point out a feature, Recovery Centre...[Read More]

I feel interested to read more about the pillars of the Windows 7 by Long Zheng at his blog.

Well, until now i just found out the Vista Ultimate Wallpaper here.

I get excited because i can see the first review of Windows 7 originally from a poster in Neowin.net but deleted. Long Zheng published it in his blog!...[Read More]

Finally, I was able to get the wallpaper pack Windows 7 remade with unofficial logo* here. You can download it. I've downloaded it! I like it very much!

By the way, i want to point out those people out there that already write about this wallpaper pack with different resolutions.
HongKiat.com wrote this at last year August, I read it here.
I searched out another blog who wrote about the wallpaper pack too!

Why I point out is because maybe someone out there may make more wallpapers. So, we are able to download more!

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