14 May 2008

200th post celebration

Hooray! This is my first 200 post! I am very happy. smile :)
So, what i what to write about this post?
Well, there is one thing make me feel very weird...

For the second time, one of my

uploaded video has been blocked due to copyright infringement.

I cannot say anything if they to block the video. But when i made a check on other videos. There are lots of video still viewable. But mine with a blocked access to the video. Is this not fair? Or someone prejudice? I have no answer and do not ask me.

However, the good news is, I managed to upload my blocked video so that you can download it and play it on your media player. Want to view my status of actual video? [here or here]

To download the Music Lyrics Video of Violet Hill by Coldplay, here.

All download are of educational purposes only.

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