22 May 2008

Finished KPLSPM 2008 Teacher Interview

Today morning I went to Institut Perguruan Kota Bharu for my KPLSPM Program Kembar Bahasa Cina or Bachelor of Arts in Chinese as Second Language interview. My time is 10.30am, but I went there as early 8.45am. When i arrived there I went to Dewan Wawasan. I can see there is a test. But the list stick on the corridor--my name was disappeared from their list!

Well, I didn't panic. Luckily a guy with black coat told me the interview is not held in Dewan Wawasan but at UMK temporary classes(I think just a few steps to go to there from dewan Wawasan).

I can see many parents waiting for their child even there was warning "only interviewees are allowed". That is just a stupid order!

I have to wait there for two hours. Yen Jie, my friend is the first round 8.30am. I am second round 10.30am. She went out one of the class room and i saw her wear baju kurung! Well, to become a teacher, interviewee must wear like a teacher. I wear long sleeve shirt, a tie, black slack with belt, a pair of black shoes and black stocking. I just wait for time to pass. *fly*

After waiting for half hour, the doors open, i can see Yen Jie and other 2 friends came out of the room. Yen Jie was so nervous. But she speaks very very fluent Kelantanese Language with another 2 malay friends from other school. *praise*

I got chat with her what questions will be asked in group interview and she replied about semangat kejiranan. Well i think the question is still can be answered by me. I think she did well in the group interview. :)

I was shocked they didn't ask them about new Cabinet of Malaysia 2008 and government policy related to education such as Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan 2006-2010.

After struggling for another half hour my friends start to arrive here. Yen Jie need to go through individual interview. All the best of luck is the only words i can wish to her. Hey, thats good.

Now, straight to my part: 10.30am I need to go into a room and I've prepared everything for my interview. There are two interviewer inside the room and one of them conduct the INSAK test. I need to answer INSAK test somehow is related to test a person of their suitability become a teacher. 135 questions need to be answered in 30 minutes. I managed to complete this in 30 minutes.

After that is group interview. There are 5 interviewee include me, all are Chinese.(SMCH-me,Yeong Keong, Mei Huey and __(i duno this person's name, add back later[came from smcc])__ and one friend from SMCC. We were asked to give opinion about the factor of fast food to young generation and comment about effect of fast food to quality life of human.


Finished the group interview and we were required to stay outside because they want to start individual interview. I was the second person. After the bell ringed for two times, i knocked the door for 3 times and wait the interviewer to say 'masuk' or come in. I sat on a chair about 3 metres apart from two of them. I started to introduced myself. Then they take turns questioning me. I still remember the first question they asked me:
Why do you like to be a teacher? I like to interact with kids and *bla*bla*bla*
Do you know the range of price of a badminton racket. *bla*bla*bla*
What should we do to encourage the performance of badminton in this country. *bla*bla*bla*
What is Y2Y? (Youth-to-Youth) *bla*bla*bla*
What precaution steps should we taken to prevent HIV from spreading to others. *bla*bla*bla*
What sign we can see if a person is HIV carrier or has Aids. *bla*bla*bla*
Do you speak English? "Yes"
How often you speaks English at home. not really often and *bla*bla*bla*
What sports do you like the most?(This question is asked in English so i need to reply them with English) Volleyball and *bla*bla*bla*

Well, that is for me. I got back my clear holder and disappear from the eye sight of the interviewer. *tha-tha*

1. Instructions
2. Yen Jie and me.
3. I knocked 3 times :p
4. All of my friends


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