12 May 2008

Form 6 registration today.

This morning, I wake up at 7.20am. Just a little bit earlier than before. I ate char mee or fried noddle and teacino as my breakfast before ride with my bike to school.

When i arrived school, i deliberately wear a tie. Why? Many of my friends ask me this question. Hey, you will find out the answer here.

Why i wear a tie to school? Because the answer just simple(quite illogical), I just want to show that I a new student of SMJK Chung Hwa KB.

Many prefects shocked when i am wearing a red tie but with my school uniform with the school anthem and my name tag. I forgot about this-the school anthem and my name tag! I should wear a blank uniform then.

Sorry, no photographs because bringing handphones and digital cameras are not allowed.

When I at school, I just realised that I forgot to bring RM 120 for my registration fee. Then I just use two of my friend's phone to call my mom. Thank you my friends, Mao Wei and Song See! Then, i need to rush back to home and come to school again. Fortunately, I am still not late to school for the second time.

I queue up. This is a spot check by school prefect. They does not give green card to some my friends, such as Ah Kheng, Khang Siang, Wei Shen(wear a pair of Nike stocking), and some are Chung Cheng School new students. They are asked to cut the hair at barber shop nearby. I was pass in their spot check because I really follow school rules. School rules stated that a student must cut a Number 3 crew cut, keep short nails, wearing a pair of white stocking and tuck in uniform. Quite general rules right?

After certified some file, I was allowed to select the stream offered in my school. I select Science stream, Chemistry with Physics and Mathematics T and Pengajian Am. Then the fierce lady prefect call me to sit down on chair provided.

After about an hour, Ms Chua Kim Hiang just start to give a speech. She explained to us about the courses you will go to after STPM, based on what subjects you take in STPM. Penolong Kanan Puan also says that Mathematics T is the most important subject because IPTAs need subject Mathematics T in overall courses offered by IPTAs.

I cannot "tahan" when Pn. Chua call her colleague as "leng lui(perempuan yang comel itu)". "Hana(hokkien)" also leng lui, Tenglang also lenglui. eeeyer....

First week is just orientation week.

She also mentioned blood donation. What? Blood Donation! I never donate my blood before. Because I will feel not comfortable when the nurses suck my blood last time :) Blood Donation will held at school on this Wednesday. So, I thinking not to go to school that day. hehe...

So, I will stay at school for one month and half before prepare to university.


Katherine said...

So many activities in just one day!

Blood donation~~ yikes

Anonymous said...

Hey just some random person posting because i'm bored... I watched your your youtube video of Coldplay - Violet Hill =] tis suuch a great song! Yeh anyway i saw the link and ended up here, wow VERY strict rules! At my school (in england) theres hardly any

Ian said...

@宝茹: I hate blood donation! I will give excuses to teacher, haha. There is also a mini sports day organized by Form 6 Society. I think it will be fun for this orientation week except the blood donation.

@George : Thanks! My school is quite strict. I felt sorry for some of my friends. You are so lucky in England! :)

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