05 May 2008

Getting to Form 6 too! Found INSAK book.

I am a bit lazy today. Yup, feel very lazy to do my homework. However, I went to some places today. I went to my school, then I went to Popular Book Store.

This morning, after pay respect to God and burn some paper money for Them, my untie came to house. She brought very delicious buns! But I didn't try it because I've took my breakfast. Then we chat about raising of price of rice and bla bla bla...

After 2 hours, I just can start my motorcycle and go ahead to my school. What I will do at school and why?

The answer is I want to check my status of Form 6 STPM class in my school. Well, I'm in the list! There is also a letter of announcement of new student registration. I've snap the picture, a bit unclear and that is for my reference, you can click it too for full view and guess what words on it.

Actually I am required to bring when registration day on 12 May :
1. print a form from www.emoe.gov.my
2. SPM 2007 slip (Both Original and certified photocopy)
3. Identification Card (Both Original and certified photocopy)
4. One photocopy of certified Birth Certificate
5. Registration Fee RM 120.00
For new students from outside of Chung Hwa National Type Secondary School,
6. SMM Form
7. List of School Rules
8. Personal Form(Borang Peribadi)

After that, I went to Popular Book Store to find a book, the title is Siri Bimbingan for INSAK dan Temu Duga if I am not wrong.

When I reached Popular, I asked the lady about the book, and the lady called the Assistant to make sure. And their answer are, "We Don't have this book". The lady use an angry eye to look at me too! Well, I am not scared by him lah. :p
To prove it, the lady also called to Kuala Lumpur Headquater!! LOL, she taught me I am scared or what. She talked to the Supervisor, "Sorry, there is no book titled Siri Bimbingan or Publisher of Penerbitan Multimedia Sdn Bhd".

Then I just say thank you and I decided to search myself! After 15 Minutes, my will prove that I won! I got the book! Hurray! So, their computer system was poorer than my brain haha! Below is the snapshot of the series of book. The book that I want is the left side one.

I just look at the sample questions only and some tips on how to get excellent in interview. I didn't want to buy it.

Later, one of the popular worker pass by, eventually he saw the book. Then he confirmed to me that that is the book I want to find. What I answered to him was "I read that just now".

Around 1.30PM, I went to Vegetarian Restaurant to enjoy my lunch. I ate very much and I am very satisfied and happy because searching for the book. Not so tired but I really ate a lot! :)

After go back home, I watch the Taiwanese Drama 恶作剧2吻!This is the funny moments that I laughed laudly! The grandmother kissed 直树!


WY said...

u're goin form6 meh. my dad say u go uniten or dunno wat la forget ady

Ian said...

ya la, going to form 6 first...

642-426 said...

That's great you have spend time in a good way.I also very for home work and other activities related to study.

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