13 May 2008

I am learning to tie a tie!

To prepare for my university studies, I need to wear something that is formal. During the orientation week, my university says all male student must wear a tie. What? a tie? and its RM 25. (Must buy from them)Ah, actually it is quite expensive! But that doesn't matter at all.

So, now what i need is only to learn how to tie a tie! I've purchased two ties from Billion Shopping centre. One is a tie with zipper, just pull it and Tada! Amazing tie is shown. But the other one, is just a ordinary plain tie, which i need to learn to tie it instead if using that "guided tie". hehe!

Thanks to this video, it solves my problem!

This is my tie! And I learned to tie it with this video above. The tie is not as nice as that tie above. :(


Anonymous said...

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Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hi there =)

I used to wear a tie too in college. I think guys and girls tie it differently right?

Ian said...

From the Eyes of my Heart

Thanks for your comment.
As i know, girls tie and male's tie are different. From what i know girl tie is shorter. Your tie is short one?