21 May 2008

Its my day!

Today and tomorrow are my important days. Why?
*update - result of appealing matriculation*

Today, I sat my Level 3 PITMAN exam. It was a terrible experience because i didn't managed to get balance my Balance Sheet of my first question. The first question is about Partnership and I am required to prepare profit and loss, appropriation account, current account and balance sheet. I stuck at balance sheet where my net book value of assets did not same for capital at the end. I used up 10 minutes to check where do i made incorrectly. I start to check from the beginning and i could not found any mistakes. I recheck for second time and phew, i falsely wrote 600 as 6000! Lol, extra a zero can change everything!

I stucked at question 2 cash flow statement, again. Why? I miswritten 5000 as 50000! This time the number was bigger than that of question 1.

For question 3, i did it very fast. Same as question 4, too.

When came to question 5, i need to comment about the performance of business. I just write anything i got on the calculation of gross profit, net profit, return on capital employed and debtor collection period. I still remember what i wrote last paragraph, "The company performance is better in the year of 2006"

Second, I will go to Institusi Perguruan Kota Bharu at Pengkalan Chepa for my KPLSPM Teacher Interview July 2008 Intake. I will wear plain shirt, i think short sleeve is enough because I am easily sweat person. A tie is a must for me and a pair black sleeve. I choose Program Kembar Bahasa Cina or Bachelor of Arts in Chinese as second language. If i were chosen, I will go to IPG for 3 semester then University in Beijing, China for 6-8 semester then back to Malaysia for 2 semester of KLPI.

My personal opinion, become a teacher is good. Teacher can teach many students to achieve excellent. Teacher has many holidays, "elaun" overtime, tuition class(if got) gain extra income, still pay even holidays and etc.
But students nowadays are hard to teach.

Last month, I got appeal for my Matriculation too. The result of appeal will come out Tomorrow 22/05/2008. I hope I can get into Matriculation. *PRAY*
check appeal of Matriculation

Update : I didn't get the Matriculation PST. Its ok. :)

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