23 May 2008

Try Wifi @ Noodle station KB Mall

when i came in this shop, i feel very unfortunate because i slipped down because the floor are little wet. Well, fortunately my lappy didn't spoilt.fuh!

17-05-2008, I wanna try out my new lappy's Wireless Broadband Connection. Last time i use this feature is on a few years ago when my father purchase a new notebook for his business. And now I want to try out Wifi for FREE because last time I was misunderstood that acessing Wifi need to purchase the what TM One Card from TM Point.

I ordered number 240, that is Chocolate Ice-Cream. After enjoying delicious creamy ice-cream. I start to WiFi-ing. I can see Unsecured Connection under the name NOODLE. That is Noodle Station's Wifi Connection. I try to connect to it and yes! It connected.

p.s. the menu book was so thick. i wish i can enjoy these meal next time i come to Noodle Station again.
i wish to have...
196 Dream Slush 5.50
39 Fried Springly Noodle With Prawn 6.00 (sister like this very much)
63 T-Bone with Brawn Sauce

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