27 June 2008

Fly to KLIA !

Tomorrow morning, I will fly with AirAsia to LCCT KLIA. I will bring many luggages plus accompany by my family. The registration will start 8.30AM and my flight is 8.50AM so reach there by 9.45AM and we need a cab to take us to UNITEN there. I will write more later and if i am allowed to take picture, I will post it in my blog too!

To all my friends, especially Form 6 friends whether new or "old" friends :
"Good Luck! Must struggle hard in your studies ya!" For PMR, SPM and STPM year friends : "Gambateh! Good Luck!"




Anonymous said...

oh ? You come to kl for further study ya ??
where is UNITEN actually ?? ^^

Ian said...

yup, uniten is somewhere between kajang and bangi. but Universiti Tenaga Nasional where i study is Putrajaya Campus.
have a nice day!
sorry for late reply! :)