16 June 2008

My Form 6 Life. Medical Checkup!

12 more days I will leave my mother school!
Form 6 life is actually more or less same like form 5. Just we are big brother and sister in school. Although I just study for temporary time, but I am happy here. But for sure I am also happy because can go to study at university.

A form 6 student such as me need to repeat what I've done on pass 5 years in my school. Aiyah, let me list out one by one:
1. collect money for class( very troublesome last year(form 5))
2. fees(not yet)
3. buy books(zzz)[but I am allowed to buy on my choice]
4. stand on the field on morning to sing National and School Anthem(I done this since Form 2)
5. eat in the class during recess time.(I never being caught before)
6. Take class photo ( my form 6 L6SP will be tomorrow)(Haha, my face will appear in school magazine even I am no more a student at SMCH and of this month!)
7. go to wash room without vest ( good! hehe)

I went to government hospital today because I went there on 8 June and made an appointment on today that is 16 June 2008. I made this Medical Examination because I need this during the registration day at UNITEN.

Luckily my medical checkup is quite easy. Not same as those JPA ones. They need to do Mentoux Test and Blood Test which took about 1 week(government hospital) or 1 day(private, the charge is expensive than government, for sure)

I reach there 8.15am, let the office stamp cop on some documents then I need to go to Lab for Urine Test at second floor. This test just take up 5 minutes. To test whether our urine has sugar and albumen or not.

Then I am required to go to X-Ray room. This is to x-ray my chest. I am required to undress my cloth. The radiographer asked me to stand in front of the X-ray machine and the X-ray is transmitted through my chest dropped on the X-ray film. Then the radiographer wash my film. Overall process take up 10 minutes.

Nest, I go to test my vision and colour, followed by weight and height check.

Finally, I need to go down stair to ground floor. I made a registration to see a doctor. After that i went to first floor to wait for my number. I saw the doctor and she took my blood pressure and check for my condition. And she tick FIT for me and I was eligible to further my study at UNITEN. Yeah!

Although all the process is easy and didn't take up many time. But I used up half day to complete the medical checkup. This is very sad case. I need to wait, wait and wait until reached my turn. I arrive school around 12.00PM. The government hospital must work efficiently so that everyone is happy and the most important is it saves our time.


joshuaongys said...

nvm la =)

mckhoii said...

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Anonymous said...

nice blog...


Ian said...

joshuaongys : yalo...going to uniten this saturday..

mckhoii : thanks ya!

joygrace: thank you, your blogs too!

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