27 July 2008

Go to jalan-jalan for first time!

Actually I feel quite lazy to update my blog nowadays. It is due to inconvenient of internet access in my current campus.

Today is my first time go to jalan-jalan. My colleagues with me went to MidValley Megamall to watch The Dark Knight at MidValley GSC. The duration of the movie is around 2 hours and 30 minutes. I bought 4 tickets, K07 until K10. The movie starts 11.30am, before that there were a lot of commercials from telecommunication company until electronics devices then beverages followed by jewelery collections and the list goes on. We visited the World of Pets(correct me if i am wrong) and i saw many beautiful birds and hamsters, not least exotic fishes!

After the fantastic movie(at least i am not boring watch the movie) the Joker and was a very bad guy. The stupid Harvey Dent always use his coin to decide one's life. I feel relieve when the prisoner threw away the remote control and yet the citizen didnt press the button to blow those prosoners in the other ferry.(horray!)

I purchased ShaKiMa(萨其马)This is one of my favorite tit bits.
Then, I made a simple visit to World of Fengshui then lunch at Macdonalds. McValue - a BigMac plus additional RM 1 Coke and French Fries.

We continue our jalan-jalan. We went to Carrefour to buy some daily necessities.

Finally back to campus by KTM. KTM loaded with many people. I almost cannot breath inside there...


Anonymous said...

Nice jalan-jalan :)

Ian said...

haha, ya it was so nice! ^^