08 August 2008

Test and test

Today I have Physics Test 1.
Also, I bleed!

This morning, I found out my forehead bleeding. I still do not know how i could get that injury on my forehed.
I got lecture class on 8.00am so I prepare quite early today because i need shuttle bus to go College Of Engineering of Uniten. Mdm Zarina just gave us some revision exercise and QnAs.
Then, to make sure I am not late to Library, I reached there after I eat my breakfast after lecture class. The test starts 11.00am and ends 12.30pm. Sadly, I could only answer 2 questions out of 4 questions.
Another test which is Calculus test, on this Sunday, same time and same place. I think Monday will off one day. Haha!

08-08-08 8:08pm - Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony. Sure I will watch this opening ceremony although I am not at China right now.


mckhoii said...

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Please tag back to ping back the techno. Thanks much and GO Blogs Bloom!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hy.. Hope you got the test results and although you only did 2 out of 4 questions I hope you are given a fairly good grade..

Anonymous said...

IF you got a good grad, the enjoyment of Olympic ceremony is double.