27 March 2009

Avast and Kaspersky only, AVG 7.5 will die soon!

AVG 7.5 is best antivirus from AVG that i've used before. I installed in my laptop with two other friends, that is Avast Antivirus 4.8(Avast) and also Kaspersky Internet Security 8(KIS). So, all of them are 3.

But recently, i received a splash screen to remind me to switch to AVG Antivirus 8.5 (AVG) before 12 April 2009. That is really a bad thing and I feel sad for that because all of the antiviruses(AV) already become one of my best computer in my laptop. I will use them according to suitability and my convinience. Want to know the story? Continue to read it!

When and why?
I purchased my Compaq laptop last year with AVG 7.5 pre-installed. Later, I installed Avast 4.8. Upon restarting computer, my laptop shows a little bit slower than usual, but for me, it is acceptable. From that time, I will use AVG to scan any removable disks. I choose AVG because it has high detection rate of Trojan Horse.
Avast i always used it to scan my system in background, or it is known as Resident Shield in AVG and Standard Shield in Avast.

After came to Universiti Tenaga Nasional to further my study, My pendrive is always infected with viruses whenever i plug them in computers in printing kiosks around my campus. So, I consider to use Kaspersky Internet Security 8. It will scan removable media such as pendrive and external hard disk and etc. This made me very easy. So, I plan again for the usual task of all my antiviruses, as follows;
Kaspersky - scans all removable disks and background scan
Avast- scans removable disks that i feel suspicious after KIS, Background Scan, network scanner(it will scans any websites that i visit before loading to internet browsers)
AVG 8.5 - scans all removable disks after Avast if still i am feel not satisfied with the results of two antivirus above and resident shield.

About updating
Internet connection in my campus is terrible, they use proxy to internet access. So, i must set my LAN Settings in Internet Option to a proxy and a port.

AVG is the fastest download definition antivirus among all. First runner up is Avast and third one is Kaspersky.
I must manually update the Avast but it is automatically for AVG and Kaspersky. Sometimes, kaspersky will shows 99% complete but actually there are still a chunky size of definition files. I dont know why. And don't ask me. :)

Well, the answer is probably no. AVG will discontinue the updates to AVG 7.5 users. They force old users to install their All-in-One solution Antivirus which has many functions such as
  • antispyware
  • antivirus
  • link scaner
  • anti-rootkit
  • anti-hacker
  • searchshield
  • toolbar
for me, a bunch of softwares packed in a(one) rebranded software is quite nice but not so easy. Why? Because if one of the function in the software is spoilt, then the whole thing will become a junk.


Part II
To make story shorter, I've tried AVG 8.5. And i've uninstalled that too. I leave my laptop on wile downloading the new AVG while i am sleeping. I installed it immediately after i wake up. The result after installing AVG 8.5 is quite bad. My laptop is terribly slow. It was very slow. I think u scan imagine that u type a word and it need a little time to appear in your screen. So, now my laptop is guarded by only 2 antivirus.

Need a new friend for them?

The answer is maybe, I will try Avira Free as a replacement to AVG 7.5. But not now because my tests will start and i dont want my laptop screwed up.

-cheers from me :D


Myself_psl said...

Can we have more than 1 antivirus software in one system? It sounds weird! The antiviruses will function abnormal or malfunction. My prediction is like this, 2 antivirus software compete amongst themselves just to solve one minor problem. After that, the results is a disaster as they have caused destruction in your computer. Anyway, can you tell me more about the antiviruses?

Ian said...

sure, but you must make sure that they become friend! :)
i will write more on this, check out later! i will recommend different type of antivirus to different computer users too.*check it out*

642-533 said...

Grisoft's AVG integrates nicely with Eudora and Microsoft Outlook to quarantine suspect e-mail messages, and scans all programs' e-mail traffic over POP3 and SMTP protocols. However, it was only one of two programs (Trend Micro's AntiVirus plus Anti-Spyware 2007 being the other) that don't scan Web traffic, and it also doesn't directly support any specific IM clients.

70-297 said...

This antivirus program for your home or office computer is easy on system resources and simple to install and use. The fully automated update process will keep your computer protected at all times.

642-446 said...

This one is my favorite one because it also includes AVG Email Scanner, which checks your incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses; AVG Resident Shield, which checks for viruses as files are opened, executed, and saved and will prevent you from opening or running an infected file; and AVG Virus Vault, a place where infected files are isolated so they cannot cause damage to your system.