09 March 2009

New Invention!

Hi everyone, my English lecturer, Mdm Nurshuhaila asked my class to invent or innovate something that can help in human daily lifes as a long term assignment.
So, I've plan to invent and also innovate the durian peeler machine. Just can't wait until tomorrow to present the sketch to my other groups member. However, We didn't create any of group name yet. Hmm, maybe Sunshine Boys or The Great Guys or what?

back to the machine,
Below is my only sketch diagram

Looks quite illogical because we still can use parang to peel the hard shell off. But thinking of some of people like female who do not have much energy to peel the hard shell off, so i think this is suitable for them.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think it"s very difficult to use...not practically..use large surface...plea..upgrade it..