17 April 2009

back to my hometown today!

Yeah, Im back!
Kelantan is the most nice place for me, food very nice, people also very nice, anythinglah. Just no beer sold in supermarket and cinema.
But thats fine for me.

Im currently in Semester 3 of my foundation and will be continued to first year 3 months later.

I went to my primary school's fun fair this morning and purchased ayam percik for RM14 then went back home. Later for lunch i ate the ayam percik(a type of chicken) and my mum prepared Yong Tauhu Soup for me also. So yummy, thanks mummy. I know mummy always cook nice foods for me. This is more economical if compared go out for a Yong Tauhu Curry Noodles treats.

I am not yet prepare for my Physics Quiz 3. Its about Fluid Mechanics, such as Pascal's Principle, Archimedes Principle, and Buoyant Force. Also i need to complete my English assignment by next week before presentation.

Tomorrow is my busiest day I think because i will go to treat myself a journey to some places. Hehe its secret but i can give a clue: smoke

So, thats all from me.


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