26 April 2009

My pen drive true story

It was a few days ago, when a girl asked me has a pen drive or not.
I answered "yes" and she asked me again whether

she can borrow it or not. I answered "yes" for the second time. Well her face looks cheered. And I replied when to give back to me. She says tonight, that will be 24 April, 8.00pm. But the problem is she is a girl and she can't go in to my apartment freely. So she said I go to there to wait around 8.00pm after she miss call me. So i give her my contact number.

As i saw my phone time: 8.05pm in Gate 2 bus stop, I am wondering if she is waiting me there. That time i am waiting for a bus with my friends. After a moment but not so long, the bus came and i ride to our apartment. 8.10pm i saw only a female there but not she that i want to meet. So, i back to my room first then i need to message her around 8.45pm. She did replied me, "I am now at Midvalley still not yet come back, just return tomorrow". What the heck? She promised me she will return on the same day and now she turned her words. She also mentioned to me to message her after My MUET test. I did replied and again she typed to me that to meet at 0630pm and she asked her friend to return to me. ??!! Shit! What kind of this person? She also asked my room number so i think that her friend will return to me to my door. Waited and waited 630pm passed and her friend did not turn up.

This is a sad story, consider for me. Why? Because of i am stupid? The answer is probably no. It is sad thing she could not complete a simple yet easy task. Why still i can return something to my friend on time as promised and my friend, Hanif also can able to return My MUET book to me to owner in time. Although i no need the book so fast because he wanted to look through notes and do some exercises.

Actually, the person can be considered failed because broke the promises for two times, yet not responsible to promises.

What i am saying now is not to blame on other people. But is to awaken some of the people who are always act like that but they themselves don't know about that.

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