13 June 2009

Its holiday's time!

Well, I've finished my Foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Hooray!
Err...ya, its not yet officially la for sure.

And i need to clean up my room because the semester is already end and i need to move out from my campus apartment as late as this coming sunday and u know...?

I've start packing the day before my final paper, Moral Studies.

For me, Moral Studies is important but people tend to look alight on it. Maybe because of the credit hour is just One (1). So, they maybe just see throught the notes. I bet someone will definitely didnt see any of the notes. Muahaha! (but that's not me!)

Well, you can see the pictures at my Facebook.
Reason : I am lazy to post it on blogger.

Yesterday, i wanna cure my nothingness(lol?) and boring. So, I went out. The actual reason i went out is to help my sister to purchase a 4gb MicroSDHC (It is called Micro Secure Disk High Capacity) Level 6. Well I didnt check her phone requirment and i just realised that do the card support her phone. Thanks that her phone is supported but theoretically only. Because I know that Kingstone's 4 gb microSDHC is not supported in the phone.

Well, back to my journey, The Touch N Go machines is many LRT, KTM Komuter, KL Monorial stations are from bad to worst. The maintenance officer just goyang kaki ape?

I've visited National Museum, Planetarium, and Merdeka Square. And that still did not made me feel hungry or tired. But still had a short lunch at BurgerKing Masjid Jamek.

Then I am headed to Bukit Bintang. To search the Microsd and her battery. Well I managed to get the battery and microsd 4gb at total amount RM 75.

And now i am thinking whether should i go out again....

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MB2-633 exam said...

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