20 August 2009

Couple chased out by son

AN ELDERLY couple in Singapore who gave up their duplex to their son ended up homeless after he chased them out of the house, Sin Chew Daily reported on Thursday.

The couple now call the staircase of a school their home.

The man, who gave his surname as Lim, was a manager before he retired. He has a son and a daughter who live in Jurong.

Relating his ordeal to a secretary of the school, Mr Lim said he and his wife decided to give their duplex home to their son as a wedding gift about two years ago.

The couple thought that they could live in the house with their son. He, however, decided to sell the property for RM960,000 to buy another condominium. Mr Lim and his wife were then sent off to live with their daughter.

After a year, the daughter decided that they were no longer welcome and banned them from touching her children.

The couple could not enter the house after their daughter changed the locks to the house.


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