30 November 2009

Starting a new semester.

Today is my first day of new semester of Universiti Tenaga Nasional(UNITEN). Eventually I am very happy because I still do not who is my new classmates and I am very sure I will meet my old friends and also best friends in a certain class too!

The internet connection in UNITEN now is still acceptable, not fast and not so slow. Well I can consider it little bit faster than the dail-up internet where we use 56kbps modem to surf internet maybe 10 years ago?

Well, back to my study. I have a total up seven subjects I need to attend this semester. The lab classes take up 6 hours.
1.EEEB141 Electronics Design Lab
2.EEEB161 Digital Logic Design Lab

While my core subjects class as follows:
1.EEEB123 Circuit Analysis II
2.EEEB143 Electronics Analysis & Design I
3.EEEB163 Digital Logic Design

I am an Electrical and Electronics Eng. student, but I still need to take
1. MEMB123 Mechanics I: Statics

MORB112 Moral Studies I is compulsory for all students to take, so as I.

Normally and usually, tutorial classes and labs are not yet start for the first week of semester.

I should write until here because I need to prepare myself to go to class. :)

29 November 2009

Wait, wait and wait.

At this time, I am too boring so I just do anything that can cure my boringness. The train that I boarded yesterday evening arrived at Serdang at around 8.10am. And I arrived at Universiti Tenaga Nasional 10 minutes later. The story does not ended here...

Now, I still cannot bath because I have no my room key. Well, this is because I have surrender the key to my friends because they need to store their things in my room during the semester break.

Just hoping for my key back to me as soon as possible.
**starving for the key**

update 3.12pm
I got my key now, but my heart is broken
see this picture you will know.

update 9.30pm
I just finished to clean my room and unpack my things.

Now what can I say is extra charge! haha
and Wei Jing almost make me faint, he did not come to me yet to get his things. I think some of his stuff already taken to C2... haha.

My dinner were only two Mexico Buns only. Pityful.

You will think why my heart was broken?
This is because I am supposed to be the earliest one to arrive apartment and the first one to clean my room so that I can rest early. But after see the room like a dump, my heart start to melt. And I just can rest about 10.45pm and curently chatting with my housemate.

28 November 2009

Shell RON95 a Fuel Save

Below is my very very rough analysis on Shell RON95 and RON97 fuel consumption.
Read updated details here
Fuel amount is 2.70 litres.
Mileage 104km
Fuel consumption 38.52km/litre.

KM10431 to KM 10519, RM5, using RON97.
Fuel Amount is 2.44 litres.
Mileage 88km
Fuel consumption 36.07km/litre

What can I conclude is RON95 is better in mileage as it was shown above that RON95 brings additional 2.5km than RON97.
But the performance of RON97 is better than RON95.
I have made a small conclusion about performance of RON98 and RON95 and comparison here

Although my bike, Yamaha Lagenda 110z is compatible with RN95, but I will still stick with RON97 as it really take care of my spark plugs, thus easier to start the engine.

27 November 2009

Last day for me

Tomorrow evening, I will board train back to my campus. This mean my holiday will be ending in a few days. My semester 2 will begin this 30 November.

"Slow Internet!"

Yup, the internet in my apartment(every apartment) are very slow. And I have prepared for that! By using Digi Broadband, I can surf internet faster and without barrier.

Few days ago, I am worried whether I can board the train back to UNITEN. Because there was second wave of flood in Kelantan. The train service on east cost route needed to be cancelled for 3 days. A bit relieve when KTMB annouced the train service back to normal yesterday.

Thanks to my mom for packing my stuffs. I feel ashamed, hahaha.

25 November 2009

Teratak kediaman Menteri Besar Kelantan.

I just post these picture as shown below to remind people include me myself to act moderately.
Saya menyelitkan beberapa gambar Menteri Besar Kelantan, iaitu negeri kelahiran saya.
Gambar-gambar ini menyedarkan saya agar hidup dalam kesederhaan, tidak tamak, sentiasa berfikir tiga kali sebelum bertindak ataupun melakukan sesuatu perkara yang mungkin akan memudaratkan diri sendiri, keluarga, masyarakat bahkan negara!

Contohilah kehidupan harian Tuan Guru Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat selaku Menteri Besar Kelantan.

1 & 2.Tuan Guru's Half Wooden House located at Pulau Melaka, Kelantan.
3.Tuan Guru meeting with Pengarang Kitab Tafsir al-Quran.
5. TG Nik Aziz is resting.
5. Can you able to see Tuan Guru's left hand, he wear a Casio Watch.

24 November 2009

PicFeed @ Tech Gadget - Mini USB Freezer

This is a mini sized USB Freezer.
It is able to store 4 cube sized chocolate.
What a nice and cute mini USB freezer.
Can anyone treat me one? : )

23 November 2009

Using RON92, RON95 or RON97?

Red petrol, green petrol and now yellow petrol. All of those petrol types represent RON92, RON97, and RON95 respectively.

Usually I will treat my Yamaha 110z motorbike RON97 petrol, from Shell. But since government had replace RON92 with RON95, I tried to use RON95 once. The price I've stated in my previous post. In that post, I've also still making a rough testing of fuel consumption and performance of motorbike. There are still one small column in fuel level, but I strongly believe that I can make my small conclusion now.

1.Using RON95, the engine was difficult to start. When I using this type of petrol, I could not easily start the 4 stroke engine easily using starter. Yes, is it. So, to make easy, I turn the fuel handle a bit when i kick start my bike.

2.Using RON95, the spark plugs is easier to fill by carbon left-out. Well, I am not an expert mechanic. I learnt it yesterday, that time was a heavy downpour, I drove my bike to service center to change my motorbike bulb, one of my bulb was burnt. The friendly mechanic advised me to use RON97 because the head of the spark plug is easier to fill with carbon left-out. He also showed me the spark plug and it shows a different for RON97 and RON95. This will cause engine difficult to start as i mentioned above. Sorry, I did not took the picture because I was in hurry.

3.Using RON95, the engine performance were poorer than RON97. Yes, I experienced that when I tried to speed up when the traffic lights turn green. And believe or not I can accelerate using fourth gear at speed 20-30 by using RON97 but not for RON95!

What I can say is, I cannot force anyone to use whatever type of petrol. It is depends on the driver itself but not least the engine also.

P.S. keep tract this post my bike fuel consumption.

21 November 2009






19 November 2009

萧亚轩新专辑《钻石糖》 好好听哦!


ELVA萧亚轩和你一起闪闪惹人爱2009/10/9 正式发行

闪闪惹人爱 放大胆精彩!
亚洲时尚舞后ELVA 萧亚轩年度力作
ELVA调配2009快乐新配方 甩开烦恼 忧愁闪开
9/25-10/8 全面预购 10/9 闪耀全亚洲


除了ELVA丰富多样的视觉造型外,新专辑的音乐製作阵容一字排开来头也不小!除了有ELVA萧亚轩闭关多时,用心创作出向偶像MICHAEL JACKSON致敬的「颤慄传奇」与分享内心深刻感受的「坦白」2首歌词外,参与填词任务的还包括了姚若龙、陈镇川、葛大为,以及金马奖最佳作词人的严云农。而专辑同名歌曲「鑽石糖」更请来曾为WESTLIFE(西城男孩)、THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS(小野猫)与BRITNEY SPEARS(布兰妮)等国际艺人写歌的畅销作者Wayne Hector为她量身谱写充满甜蜜轻快的R&B旋律。

ELVA萧亚轩换穿30万闪闪劲装 拍「闪闪惹人爱」
金牌大风唱片公司预言即将超越「SORRY SORRY搓手舞」

ELVA 萧亚轩的首波主打歌「闪闪惹人爱」9/21上午10点开始在HIT FM进行全球首播,24日除了将在台北微风广场举办预购造势活动,当天也是专辑封面票选活动的截止日期。ELVA也将在25至预购活动正式开跑后,在9月 27日在台北西门町屈臣氏广场举办预购签唱会,并在10月3日和4日继续前往台中、桃园和高雄、台南等地举办,详情可上金牌大风官方网站查询。


01. 艳遇
02. 闪闪惹人爱
03. 倒数
04. 我陪你哭
05. 同步呼吸
06. 不爱。请闪开
07. 钻石糖
08. 坦白
09. 我们多久没牵手
10. 颤栗传奇


18 November 2009

Fuel Save or Fuel Waste?

Just for my knowledge and maybe some for your reference, or mean nothing for you!
Uh huh?
Actually I am wondering how is the efficiency the Fuel Save Petrol for both RON95 and RON97 from Shell Company. So I recorded these information for my own usage only also as an open discussion.

My motorbike, Yamaha 110z! Yeah.
KM 10326 to KM 10430, RM5, using RON95.
Fuel amount is 2.70 litres.
Mileage 104km
Fuel consumption 38.52km/litre.

KM10431 to KM 10519, RM5, using RON97.
Fuel Amount is 2.44 litres.
Mileage 88km
Fuel consumption 36.07km/litre

17 November 2009

I am going to buy a new pair of shoes pad!

Today I am going to buy a pair of shoes pad because the basketball shoes that i wear had worn out a little bit at the inner side as my heel get friction to the old shoes pad.

Because this is my first time to buy shoes pad so i think i go to the shop with my shoe together.

: Well, i did not bring along my shoes, instead i just went to Kota Bharu Trade Centre with the number code of my shoes. It is number 10 UK, It fit my shoes nicely fitted with my shoes. Quite happy and the shoes pad cost me RM 12.90.

16 November 2009

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance did very well!

while surfing youtube homepage i found a link to Lady Gaga's New Music Video. I found out this song is nice, the music video also did very fantastic. Every time, GaGa will bring her fans a new taste!

15 November 2009

2012(Movie) !

I just watched the 2012 Movie just now. The first word that I can say is,"This movie was fantastic!"

During Form 2(2004) if i were not wrong, i read about 2012 and i thought this was a joke or what. And now, our earth is warming and warming with a lightning speed. I also learnt that 2012 is just a changing of human thinking etc. I do not want to elaborate here, just google it.

This movie shows that Chinese had rescued the human, to ensure human was not extinct.
2012 full of action, dramatic, thriller and adventurous.
This movie also bring CGI graphics to a new bench.
Below shows one of the scene that successfully made audience incredibly nervous.

A very big applaud to People Republic of China, they managed to build a big ship that can accommodate a lot of respective people other than animals too.
The interior of the ship base was awesome. The ship was build to overcome any circumstance and yes it is proven.

My rating: 7/10