18 November 2009

Fuel Save or Fuel Waste?

Just for my knowledge and maybe some for your reference, or mean nothing for you!
Uh huh?
Actually I am wondering how is the efficiency the Fuel Save Petrol for both RON95 and RON97 from Shell Company. So I recorded these information for my own usage only also as an open discussion.

My motorbike, Yamaha 110z! Yeah.
KM 10326 to KM 10430, RM5, using RON95.
Fuel amount is 2.70 litres.
Mileage 104km
Fuel consumption 38.52km/litre.

KM10431 to KM 10519, RM5, using RON97.
Fuel Amount is 2.44 litres.
Mileage 88km
Fuel consumption 36.07km/litre


Anonymous said...

i use this bike too
but now milage yesterday was 111,111km

i agree 100% with u

take note: i have 5 yrs experience with this bike

the yamaha crankshaft sucks
so make sure u just use ron 97 esso and also shell 4t 20w-40 and change every 1350km

Anonymous said...


ur bike is new and yet high fuel guzzler

by right fo speed of

120km/h - 41km per litre
100km/h - 45km per litre
90km/h 47km per litre
70km/h 54km per litre