28 November 2009

Shell RON95 a Fuel Save

Below is my very very rough analysis on Shell RON95 and RON97 fuel consumption.
Read updated details here
Fuel amount is 2.70 litres.
Mileage 104km
Fuel consumption 38.52km/litre.

KM10431 to KM 10519, RM5, using RON97.
Fuel Amount is 2.44 litres.
Mileage 88km
Fuel consumption 36.07km/litre

What can I conclude is RON95 is better in mileage as it was shown above that RON95 brings additional 2.5km than RON97.
But the performance of RON97 is better than RON95.
I have made a small conclusion about performance of RON98 and RON95 and comparison here

Although my bike, Yamaha Lagenda 110z is compatible with RN95, but I will still stick with RON97 as it really take care of my spark plugs, thus easier to start the engine.

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