23 November 2009

Using RON92, RON95 or RON97?

Red petrol, green petrol and now yellow petrol. All of those petrol types represent RON92, RON97, and RON95 respectively.

Usually I will treat my Yamaha 110z motorbike RON97 petrol, from Shell. But since government had replace RON92 with RON95, I tried to use RON95 once. The price I've stated in my previous post. In that post, I've also still making a rough testing of fuel consumption and performance of motorbike. There are still one small column in fuel level, but I strongly believe that I can make my small conclusion now.

1.Using RON95, the engine was difficult to start. When I using this type of petrol, I could not easily start the 4 stroke engine easily using starter. Yes, is it. So, to make easy, I turn the fuel handle a bit when i kick start my bike.

2.Using RON95, the spark plugs is easier to fill by carbon left-out. Well, I am not an expert mechanic. I learnt it yesterday, that time was a heavy downpour, I drove my bike to service center to change my motorbike bulb, one of my bulb was burnt. The friendly mechanic advised me to use RON97 because the head of the spark plug is easier to fill with carbon left-out. He also showed me the spark plug and it shows a different for RON97 and RON95. This will cause engine difficult to start as i mentioned above. Sorry, I did not took the picture because I was in hurry.

3.Using RON95, the engine performance were poorer than RON97. Yes, I experienced that when I tried to speed up when the traffic lights turn green. And believe or not I can accelerate using fourth gear at speed 20-30 by using RON97 but not for RON95!

What I can say is, I cannot force anyone to use whatever type of petrol. It is depends on the driver itself but not least the engine also.

P.S. keep tract this post my bike fuel consumption.


Joe said...

thx 4 da info~ really help me~ keep update ya

Ian said...

you are welcome!

Anonymous said...

it is true ken.
i experienced bad with ron95
now i put back ron 97 for yamaha lagenda 110cc and honda c70
but for belang suzuki i put ron 95