29 November 2009

Wait, wait and wait.

At this time, I am too boring so I just do anything that can cure my boringness. The train that I boarded yesterday evening arrived at Serdang at around 8.10am. And I arrived at Universiti Tenaga Nasional 10 minutes later. The story does not ended here...

Now, I still cannot bath because I have no my room key. Well, this is because I have surrender the key to my friends because they need to store their things in my room during the semester break.

Just hoping for my key back to me as soon as possible.
**starving for the key**

update 3.12pm
I got my key now, but my heart is broken
see this picture you will know.

update 9.30pm
I just finished to clean my room and unpack my things.

Now what can I say is extra charge! haha
and Wei Jing almost make me faint, he did not come to me yet to get his things. I think some of his stuff already taken to C2... haha.

My dinner were only two Mexico Buns only. Pityful.

You will think why my heart was broken?
This is because I am supposed to be the earliest one to arrive apartment and the first one to clean my room so that I can rest early. But after see the room like a dump, my heart start to melt. And I just can rest about 10.45pm and curently chatting with my housemate.

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