11 December 2009

mucus, mucus and mucus!

Last few days, I got colds and caugh. As usual, sputum and nasal mucus will be produced. I knew cold cannot be cured. Antibodies inside our body will take this important job to kill and deactivate the virus that made us sick!

My phlegm and sputum has different colours:
White colour : My first day of cold. Usually affect bronchi part(inflammatory)
Yellow and green colour: Omg,I am infected with virus or bacteria.
Red and browny colour : I suspected I have inner bleeding!

And now I think I had recovered but I still have mucus. Lots of mucus needed to be blown out from nose everyday. This make me feel irritated. And tomorrow I need to go to work at Genting Highland and I hope I can blow all of the mucus out of my body by tonight.

Sharing is caring, this link provides details about different colour of our mucus.

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