21 February 2010

Shopping at The Mines!

Yeah! Finally i decide to went out to The Mines today. Actually I went there just to buy some groceries and a plastic box.

Da plastic box! Filled with grocery items. :) Which will become my dinner.

And, Tadaaa...
I just purchase the special mihun, and choy sam...

and the preparation produce not so excellent output second picture below:

Not so bad as I can say. :)

Go out, Yes or No?

Now I am thinking whether I want to go to The Mines or not? How should I decide on this?

20 February 2010

Nasi putih kicap manis

I am eating my dinner now and I feel I am eating supper now.
My menu is only simple, white plain rice with sweet soy sauce and my self made ikan bilis and groundnuts soup.

During first few days Chinese New Year, I had fed my stomach with delicious foods and now its time to eat simple and back to normal!

18 February 2010

Addicted to Mario games!

Try these addictive Mario games. The rules is simple, press arrow for walking. Press A to jump. That is. So simple.