12 April 2010

Because of you...rubik cube!

Today i got fined by Municipal Council (Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu Bandar Raya Islam) because i forgot to add coins to the parking machine. And i got the fine notice. The picture you can view from here.

This is because of rubik cube that attracted me in the supermarket! That cube cost RM 13. When I reach the cashier I just realized that I need to insert more coins in order not to get fined. And the transaction also troublesome because they did not accept my payment using Maybankard that not over RM 20. Of course I do not want to add more items just to buy the cube. I just left the cashier and rushed to my car.

Not far from my car i saw 0000 on the parking machine. Well I turned to front and saw that stupid red paper! Well I lost RM 10 today just because my dumbness.

However, I purchased a rubic cube, but in different location, KB Mall. KB Mall, your one stop shopping mall is still holds crowd during weekend although the terrible accident that causes death not long time ago.

The price is only RM6. Haha :) consider RM16 to buy the rubic cube.

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