14 May 2010

1Malaysia Taxi, one rate!

1Malaysia! The slogan always can be heard everyday and our Prime Minister always shout "1Malaysia" wherever and whenever he are.

Malaysian accept this 1Malaysia concept. I think this concept should be enlarged to taxi drivers and taxi associations nationwide!

Malaysian taxi is said to be among the worst in the world. Let me clarify, not ALL taxi drivers are like that, just maybe one in ten of taxi drivers are the culprit of simply charging passengers.

Kelantanese Taxi drivers like to jump queue at traffic lights. This always happened to everyone include my. And their behaviour of driving is so brave and didn't scare any incoming car at all.
However, if we know how to let people first then you are a good guy. If you still want to bypass the taxi driver, NO WAY at all! I hope they can change their driving behavior. Please stop to jump queue (except emergency case). [Haha, i guess every passenger are emergency case for them]. Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita.

Taxi 1Malaysia should be launched throughout Malaysia to service local people with using meter. Meter is used so that passenger didnt pay more than the actual rate.

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