22 May 2010

Cinema in Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu still do not have any cinema.
You may laugh at this point.

But for me, I think there is no point to built a cinema in Kota Bharu. This may bring objection to my friends.

Last time there were 2 cinema in Kota Bharu, the first one is LIDO and the second one is Panggung Odeon. I went to Lido before to watch Jackie Chan movie with my family. It really bring nostalgic to me when the Cinema was closed.

For me, if really Kota Bharu has a cinema, two things need to be implemented:
1. Dim lights is needed during movie playing,
2. separation of male and female is needed. And if can, try to create a place that is for family with children less than 12 years old.

This is due to prevent any misconduct inside the cinema.

Hehe, my two cent.


Anonymous said...

I agreed with ur suggestions. but those rules should not only applied to cinema in Kota Bharu, all cinema in Malaysia should follow those rules too.

Ian said...

Totally agree with you :)