20 May 2010

My shirts being kidnapped!

Oh no!
Once I came back from Mydin Hypermarket Kubang Kerian, my mum told me that the room's door is locked. Well, I am very sure this surely is my sister's work. When she opened the door, she did nto realise that the door locked is still in locked position.

This will be a very big trouble for me as my closet is inside the room. Well, my angriness did not blow out easily because I need to change my clothes after bathing. My mum fetch my sister to tuition because I can't fetch- did not bath yet.

I know if the door lock is locked then it is useless for me to try out to open or unlock the door. What i need to do is just waiting for the rescue- need to wait my mum to came back and open the locked door.

She came back and my shirt is being rescued.
Previously I just use my towel to cover myself =)

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