16 May 2010

Parliamentary Sibu by-election Polling Day!

Today is a day that will let the people of Sibu, Sarawak to cast their vote to select which representative is better for them.
1.BN - Robert Lau Jr.
2.DAP - Wong Ho Leng
3. Independent - Narawi Haron

Voters are advised to vote early today as the Meteorological Department forecast isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The Election Commission (EC) is expecting about 80 percent turnout for the by-election.
Voters in the Sibu parliamentary by-election started to cast their votes as soon as polling centres opened at 8am today.

A total of 52,158 voters are due to cast their votes to elect their new member of parliament at 45 polling stations with 110 streams at 39 schools, two kindergartens, a training centre, a longhouse, a public library and a public recreational centre.

Another 2,537 postal voters comprising 1,910 military and 627 police personnel had cast their ballots on Thursday and Friday.

About 2,000 police personnel have been deployed in this mostly urban constitutency to ensure a smooth poll.

Ten polling centres will close at 1pm, five at 2pm, six at 3pm, two at 4pm and 22 at 5pm. The ballot boxes will be taken to the tallying centre at the Sibu Civic Centre.

The result of the three-cornered fight is expected to be announced by the EC at the latest by 9pm.

The result are out now!
DAP won Sibu Parliamentary Seat with a majority of 398.
DAP - 18,845
BN - 18,447
Ind - 232

SPR(EC) has revised the voters turnout from 59.9% increased to 70%.

Spoilt votes - 395 votes
Postal votes - 2,429 votes

EC promise that they will announce the poll result before 9.00pm or at 9.00pm. But they announced it two hours later. The two-hour delay in the announcement of the result was due to a dispute in the postal ballots where 208 votes were rejected. This however did not change the final result. According to the EC, the dispute was over the validity of witnesses' signature for postal votes.
The final result of the postal ballots:
DAP - 70
BN - 2,323
Ind - 36
Rejected postal votes - 208

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