15 June 2010

Concern about Agong's safety in new palace

The safety of the monarch is in jeopardy, said Taiping DAP MP Nga Kor Ming, as one of the contractors working on the new palace is the same builder behind the Gong Badak Stadium in Kuala Terengganu which collapsed last year.

Stadium Sultan Mizan Terengganu Gong Badak 030609

The roof structure of the RM300 million Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium gave way, just over a year after its completion in 2008, in time to host the 12th Sukma (Sukan Malaysia) organised by Terengganu.

Nga said that the company which is in charge of constructing a flyover from Jalan Duta to the palace at a cost of RM130 million, was the main contractor behind the building of the stadium, said Nga.

The Works Ministry had informed Parliament yesterday that RM811 million is being spent to build the palace to replace Istana Negara which is currently the royal home.

Deputy Minister Yong Khoon Seng said the cost has doubled from the original estimate of RM400 million in 2006 due to its unique features and additional safety measures.

Yong said that the construction of the main complex was awarded to Maya Maju Sdn Bhd at a sum of RM650 million, while a contract for the flyover from Jalan Duta to the palace was given to Ahmad Zaki Bhd.

The contract for the upgrading of an access road from Jalan Changkat Semantan to Jalan Istana costing RM32.5 million was awarded to Kejuruteraan Kenari Sdn Bhd.

Still not restored

“The stadium which cost RM282 million was used for only 10 months, now it has collapsed and it cannot be restored till now,” said Nga.

“I'm here to ask the Works Minister Shaziman Abu Mansor... why is the same contractor behind the collapsed stadium is working on the symbol of national pride and the King's home.

scah uuca talk 141205 nga kor ming“Contractors who were involved in such scandalous projects should be blacklisted and not chosen for public projects.”

Nga (left) said he fears for the Agong's safety, adding that "one morning His Majesty would be having his breakfast and suddenly the palace (will) collapse... it would be a very unfortunate tragedy for the country”.

He added that the minister has to answer to all the questions relating to this matter, including why the contract was not awarded via an open tender system.

“His deputy (Yong) is not well-versed with this issue. Yesterday when he was pressured by me, he didn't know how to answer,” said Nga.


Anonymous said...

Ask Nga to get hs facts right, AZRB build Stadium Tertutup Terengganu, not Stadium Gong Badak. Simply open mouth, would look stupid, also open for defamation law suit

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Ian said...

AZRB does built the Stadium Gong Badak at Kompleks Sukan Tertutup Gong Badak. but halfway only

the story does not end here,
sebabnya ialah AZRB sememangnya kontraktor utama kompleks gong badak nih, kompleks ini mempunyai 3 struktur utama
1.Stadium Utama
2.Stadium Tertutup
3.Kolam renang.

AZRB membina kesemua 3 struktur pada awalnya tetapi kontraktor-kontraktor yang dinyatakan diatas lagi telah mengambil-alih stadium utama tersebut daripada AZRB.

ya,kemungkinan pengambilalihan ini memakan masa yang panjang dan pembinaan ini sememangnya siap pada tarikh yang ditetapkan tetapi mungkin kualiti pembinaan menjadi kurang. sekian.