21 June 2010

Demolish UPSR and PMR?

Few days ago, our Education Minister had suggested UPSR and PMR to be demolished. I was shocked when I heard this for first time on a chinese radio station.

Some inexperience party suggest that PMR should be taken off. But for me, it's the most important part for us to overcome and to target for SPM. If the PMR is torn down, then how teachers can select their all potiental students to enroll in a suitable course or known as stream in Form 4 and Form 5? Can each school select students based on their in-school-examination? This is not fair to other schoolas well. Because each school, they have different sets of questions thus lead the difference in the difficulties level. Schools also need not to follow Educational Minister guidelines on how they should set the questions, such as 5-3-2 or 5-2-3.

If PMR still continue, teachers can select which student have potential to be whether in science stream, arts stream or business stream. PMR Students will know they need to fight againts each other, not only in the same school, but the whole country! They will have struggle more to get excellent result. But they should not also miss out the extra-curricular programs that carry about 10% or can be categorized as a voluntary subject.

About UPSR, if the government really want to revise and "save cost" (thanks to our government because our examination is free of charge), UPSR can be removed. The present of UPSR can make our child to become very stressful because every mother wants their child to be number one. Then who is going to be number two and the list goes on? Tuition center for primary pupils are like seperti cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan (a lot in number). Everyday, weekday and weekend are filled, that is going to tuition center.

So what I can hope is government must listen to the rakyat and do something correctly.

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