26 April 2011

Beware if you at ATM

I found the below video from one of my friend when I facebooking half an hour ago.

Look at those two people with hat? They acted like a customer and want to withdraw money from the ATM. But the truth is they did not!

Look at how the guy on left side drop the money amount RM5 or RM10 on the floor and pretend to inform the red colour shirt with stripes guy who is not suspecting anything. And the guy on right side in a fast pace snatch the money and run away.

Below is the warning sign setup by Public Bank Berhad to their customer who want to withdraw or deposit money to their Automated Teller Machine or Cash Deposit Machine.

Sometimes they will snatch away the ATM card that has debit function, that is Debit Card. If your Debit Card was missing, please block the card immediately. This is because Debit Card did not require pin entrance on certain places, and absolutely without signature and pin-entrance at Petrol Station nationwide!

Please spread the word to the world and share with your friends!

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