04 May 2011

Tunku Abdul Rahman College visit

Last week, My family and I send my sister to Tunku Abdul Rahman College. She will undergone orientation for one week because normal class will start at 9 May 2011. It was same like me in Uniten, too. Basically my first impression of Tunku Abdul Rahman Collge(TARC) or known as KTAR was, "hmm, not bad and thats better than Uniten hostel".

There are 10 blocks of hostel in TARC, 7 blocks for female and the rest for male. The building was coated with new painting during my first visit for check-in procedure at Hostel Office that is between Block A, B, C and D.

My sister was assigned to block E which is near to the guard house and the entrance of the hostel gate. The canteen also nearby and it's inside the hostel itself. There is also shops selling groceries at the cafeteria. Public Bank Automated Teller Machine(ATM) also situated at the canteen. Oh man! This is very convenience.

First photo: the walkway inside the girl hostel
Second photo: the view of the twin-sharing room
Third photo: the view outside from girl hostel

Last but not least, TARC is not as bad as some people told me earlier! xD
Gambate my sis!


Website Designer Qatar said...

Its really nice college..All facilities are near by hostel like,canteen,ATM, and the groceries. Its really better to stay there. Thanks for this nice information.

Anonymous said...

not really. i've been living here for 2 years.. the food sucks.. and honestly i dont have a life living here.. plus there are cats trashing the dust bin makes it all dirty and filthy.. :p