24 February 2012

LYNAS a totally unacceptable project near Cherating.

LYNAS ADVANCED MATERIAL PLANT (LAMP) at Gebeng, Kuantan, Malaysia has sparked controversial from people all over the world. The LAMP has been approved by AELB without going through other authorities regarding advices and approval such as Health Ministry and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

I believe anyone of us know what is rare earth. In case you don't know, let me just briefly describe it here. Rare Earth is a group of 17 different types of minerals or metals that are listed in Periodic Table. The so called rare earth metal is not rare at all, it is just called that in such a way that of their properties. Rare Earth itself is not harmful and has radioactive(except Promethium)

To extract the rare earth is the main thing that we will be discussing here. After the rare earth has been processed, the waste will contains radioactive substances due to the chemical breakdown of the rare earth itself. The radioactive waste has different half life. The half life in a simple explanation is the time that is required for the radioactive material to end their life span so that will not emit any radioactive anymore (has become stable). The waste has been processed by the LAMP consists in Land(soil), Water(sea) and Air(atmosphere). Imagine that if some one's house is the nearby there? What is the consequence of that?

My point of view is the LAMP should not be built in Gebeng or any soil inside Malaysia. Gebeng, Kuantan is a heavy industrial area and it is just a distance away from the Kemaman Port. This is one of the advantages to LAMP as all the processed materials can be exported straight from the Gebeng plant. However, Gebeng is just 25km away from Kuantan. Kuantan currently sits 700,000 residents and still the population is growing. Also, Cherating beach and resorts(yes, numerous resorts over there!) will be affected because of LAMP. Nevertheless, fisherman's income also will be affected badly because they depends only on South China Sea for their living.

Well, Lynas plant can regenerate income for the locals. My foot! This statement is totally unture. This is because Lynas mentioned that around 500 families will be benefited from f the plant. However the actual value is only 350 citizens of Malaysia. How Malaysia citizens can get benefited for this project? Addition to that, 12 years of tax will be exempted in the LAMP. In a simple saying is, Lynas will not going to pay any tax to Malaysian government for 12 years.

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