15 March 2012

Two nights of Blackout at Taman Sri Serdang

Supposing Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) will do maintenance in their water treatment plant that will affect or currently affecting residents around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for 36 hours, from 13 March to 15 March 2012. I hope they will make their pace faster then.

But, there is another issue that was affecting my housing area yesterday and last two days. From 13 March 2012 my housing area which is Taman Sri Serdang, Seri Kembangan the blackout struck us whole night. Where 13 March My housemate and I experience electricity blackout twice, as compare to yesterday (14 March), only once but with longer time. The blackout time are at average of 4 hours. That is approximately from 8:15pm until 12:15am the next day. We tried to call TNB careline 15454 for the first time, they still entertain us. But for the second time it was unavailable.

Well, my housemate told me there was many mosquito last night. So we decided to go to Pappa Rich. When we reach traffic light Jalan Besar junction. “Ohh yeah, NOO!” a major, serious and chronic traffic congestion hit us!

This is the place my friend and I used to go when we have examination or tests. So we headed to McDonald’s for air cond and wifi.

What we dislike was a family of 4, parents and their kids spent their joyous time at there. There is no problem as family can strengthen their bond by interacting together, chit-chat together. But the situation gone heir wire as their kids starts to play around. And as parents after meal, they should at least collect those leftover into the tray (at least). But this is not!   

I hope Malaysian attitude sometimes need to be changed

12 March 2012

Dinner: IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines

Today guess what? I am so happy so I created a new menu of my own style of dinner! Ohh Yea!

I named it as IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines.

This is because this menu has its own style of fusion between East and West. This is called when the East meet West, haha.

Back to the story, let me show you all how easy to prepare this IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines. As fast as only 6 minutes.

1 pack of IndoMee Goreng, Any perisa (flavour) will do.
1 Prego Carbonara Creamy Soup
1 pinch of grinned black pepper
1 pinch of white pepper powder
2 pinch of parsley leaf flakes
5-6 washed tomatoes cherry
1 tin of 155gram sardines (I choose Adabi's Sardines because it is nice, will tell you later on)

  1. Cook or Boil the IndoMee for 2-3 minutes. If you plan to boil it only using hot water, make it 4-5 minutes.
  2. In the same time, open the Adabi's Sardines and cook it for 2-3 minutes, too. Please do not dilute the sardines with water, this will made the sardines sauce even watery.
  3. Stir the IndoMee after it has been cooked and put in the flavouring powder, the most important thing to goreng the noodles is the flavoured oil, remember to add that onto it.
  4. Stir fry(Goreng) the noodles until it has been spread evenly.
  5. Remember the Sardines if you still cook it, serve it on a small bowl.
  6. Now, roughly measure three big table spoon of Prego Carbonara Cream Soup. (For thicker taste just add more-lah) and served on top of the IndoMee goreng.
  7. Serve some those tomatoes cherry onto the Prego Carbonara Cream Soup.
  8. Add 1 pinch of grinned black pepper and parsley flakes on the IndoMee just now.
  9. Add 1 pinch of parsley flakes and white pepper on the Sardines.
  10. Voila! A delicious and tasty dinner IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines has done!
Good Luck! I will definitely share my other menu with you all.

My experience with P1 WiMAX

P1 WiMAX is a name that already synonym with each and every Malaysian. It is a wireless internet service provider that using 3G and 4G(recently) technology.
It does not use any wire except the end user decision to use WiFi or Lan Cable to connect their modem to computer or laptop.

DV-230 modem also has various of security issue and has been succeed with their new white modem.

I am studying in UNITEN. My dad and I subscribed P1 WiMAX three years ago and two year ago respectively. My dad has no problem to surf internet because he staying on the ground. But I am staying at the 8th floor. The signal will get weaker when you stay above 6th floor and it has a limitation when you reach the 10th floor.

I still remember when I a firstly register P1 WiMAX in PIKOM PC Fair 2010. I was misguided and mislead with false information to sign up it. Well, I did not blame the guy because he is just want to earn the commission as the competition in the PC fair hall was "tremendously competitive".
WiMAX Hot Girl xD

However, I discontinued my subscription one year later and return the modem with adapter along with the box, as according to the terms and condition of the contract. Well, you know I have one(1) year/ 12 months contract. But my father has contract period as long as two(2) years/ 24 months. On the bright side, the modem that my father get during sign up will belongs to my father. For me, I don't think this is bright side, this is just a way that want to keep you to continue subscribing their service.

Last year, my dad gave me his modem since I've already discontinued mine. P1 WiMAX really tried their best improve their service although they face some problems on some side(I don't want to mention here). I salute to them. 

Today, P1WiMAX can be used on normally until 12th floor as long you do not stay in a room that does not have any window! Their signal really improved since the DV-230 modem last time always needed to be placed very near to window to get a batter signal but this situation had changed. I need not to get my modem situated right beside window yet I still can receive a good signal(Yellow and sometimes green). Last time when I just registered, the signal will be always in red colour and sometimes the signal was blinking only means no signal at all!

However today, I didn't use it because I'm no longer staying in UNITEN campus. So, I gave  it to my friend to have a try and he seems happy to use in Kepong area.

10 March 2012

Adnan Yaakob scolded reporters on Lynas Issue

The controversial of Lynas Advanced Material Plant (LAMP) will not ended as long the government did not reverse the Temporary Operating Licence(TOL) from Lynas Corpration.

Three chinese reporters has been bashed and scolded repeatedly in front of public in a opening ceremony of a book fair that held in Kuantan. Three reporters has been bashed with "Stupid" and "Bodoh" repeatedly when Pahang Menteri Besar lost his anger when mentioned about Lynas in the book fair.

The awkward and full of embarrassment moment in the book fair scene.

Adnan Yaakob also tried to obstruct a photographer to take pictures. He also added to challenge him(the reporter to publish the photo on any press the following day"

Chinese press has been reported regarding his(MB) point on dumping the waste of the LAMP into the Sungai Lembing Tin Ore Mining Caves that has been leftover for years. The Sungai Lembing Tin Mining area are currently no longer in operation.

However, according to Adnan Yaakob. He did not said that he suggest the waste from Lynas Advanced Material Plant can be dumped into Sungai Lembing Tin Ore Mining Cave. The idea originate from Atomic Energy Licencing Board Director in a dinner.

Back to the scene, Adnan Yaakob lost his temper and repeatedly scolded three chinese reporters and chased all of them away from the opening ceremony scene. The public was shocked and there are alot reporters at the scene but no one stand up for the three reporters.

Three reporters also tried to explain the issue to him but he did not take in all the words and repeatedly bashing "stupid reporter" and "bodoh".

Three reporters then leaves the scene afterwards.