12 March 2012

Dinner: IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines

Today guess what? I am so happy so I created a new menu of my own style of dinner! Ohh Yea!

I named it as IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines.

This is because this menu has its own style of fusion between East and West. This is called when the East meet West, haha.

Back to the story, let me show you all how easy to prepare this IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines. As fast as only 6 minutes.

1 pack of IndoMee Goreng, Any perisa (flavour) will do.
1 Prego Carbonara Creamy Soup
1 pinch of grinned black pepper
1 pinch of white pepper powder
2 pinch of parsley leaf flakes
5-6 washed tomatoes cherry
1 tin of 155gram sardines (I choose Adabi's Sardines because it is nice, will tell you later on)

  1. Cook or Boil the IndoMee for 2-3 minutes. If you plan to boil it only using hot water, make it 4-5 minutes.
  2. In the same time, open the Adabi's Sardines and cook it for 2-3 minutes, too. Please do not dilute the sardines with water, this will made the sardines sauce even watery.
  3. Stir the IndoMee after it has been cooked and put in the flavouring powder, the most important thing to goreng the noodles is the flavoured oil, remember to add that onto it.
  4. Stir fry(Goreng) the noodles until it has been spread evenly.
  5. Remember the Sardines if you still cook it, serve it on a small bowl.
  6. Now, roughly measure three big table spoon of Prego Carbonara Cream Soup. (For thicker taste just add more-lah) and served on top of the IndoMee goreng.
  7. Serve some those tomatoes cherry onto the Prego Carbonara Cream Soup.
  8. Add 1 pinch of grinned black pepper and parsley flakes on the IndoMee just now.
  9. Add 1 pinch of parsley flakes and white pepper on the Sardines.
  10. Voila! A delicious and tasty dinner IndoMee Goreng Carbonara Sardines has done!
Good Luck! I will definitely share my other menu with you all.

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