12 March 2012

My experience with P1 WiMAX

P1 WiMAX is a name that already synonym with each and every Malaysian. It is a wireless internet service provider that using 3G and 4G(recently) technology.
It does not use any wire except the end user decision to use WiFi or Lan Cable to connect their modem to computer or laptop.

DV-230 modem also has various of security issue and has been succeed with their new white modem.

I am studying in UNITEN. My dad and I subscribed P1 WiMAX three years ago and two year ago respectively. My dad has no problem to surf internet because he staying on the ground. But I am staying at the 8th floor. The signal will get weaker when you stay above 6th floor and it has a limitation when you reach the 10th floor.

I still remember when I a firstly register P1 WiMAX in PIKOM PC Fair 2010. I was misguided and mislead with false information to sign up it. Well, I did not blame the guy because he is just want to earn the commission as the competition in the PC fair hall was "tremendously competitive".
WiMAX Hot Girl xD

However, I discontinued my subscription one year later and return the modem with adapter along with the box, as according to the terms and condition of the contract. Well, you know I have one(1) year/ 12 months contract. But my father has contract period as long as two(2) years/ 24 months. On the bright side, the modem that my father get during sign up will belongs to my father. For me, I don't think this is bright side, this is just a way that want to keep you to continue subscribing their service.

Last year, my dad gave me his modem since I've already discontinued mine. P1 WiMAX really tried their best improve their service although they face some problems on some side(I don't want to mention here). I salute to them. 

Today, P1WiMAX can be used on normally until 12th floor as long you do not stay in a room that does not have any window! Their signal really improved since the DV-230 modem last time always needed to be placed very near to window to get a batter signal but this situation had changed. I need not to get my modem situated right beside window yet I still can receive a good signal(Yellow and sometimes green). Last time when I just registered, the signal will be always in red colour and sometimes the signal was blinking only means no signal at all!

However today, I didn't use it because I'm no longer staying in UNITEN campus. So, I gave  it to my friend to have a try and he seems happy to use in Kepong area.

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