18 February 2013

Poisonous Rove Bettle all you need to know

Today when I came across a website, an image of ant-alike insect spike my interest. The shape is not short as an ant but it is longer and small. Its size about 2mm to 10mm. Yes 2 millimeter until 1 centimeter. Its' name is Rove Bettle.

Very tiny Rove Bettle

This Rove Bettle is very poisonous. Its' body can secret acidic chemical on its own. If you found it has contacted with any part of your skin, you must make sure these: do not smack, do not crush by using hand or whatsoever, and remember to remove it by blow it away as hard as possible. Next, use plentiful and fast-rush water to wash away the spot. Use Soap to clean up that spot too, do both together for 10 minutes.

This rove bettle can fly. At night, it might be fly to apartment or house or into window where there are white light. During daytime, this tiny insect like to walk on the floor.

Rove Bettle is also common in paddy field and at village area. It starts off with some redness and then with patches of ulcer will appeared on where the beetle has been crushed. 

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